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  1. Thanks. I tried that. But it never shows a multiple days selector like it does with the Response Time graph.
  2. Thanks. Yes. I see that button in my RT graph and I can show all my records going back 12 months on 1 graph. But not my speeds. That seems to be stuck on 25 records. Attached are my screen captures of these 2 screens. I am interested in speed variation of my 12Mbps down- and 1Mbps up-load contracted speeds over a 24 hour or 48 hour period. I want to know if there are times in the day when my ISP is not giving me the service I am paying for. Is there something wrong I am selecting when I start my Auto test?
  3. Hi I've searched but I cannot find any info re this query I have. My apologies if it has been answered before. I have logged in and run a 24 hour test and shown the (every 5 mins x 100) tests in a single graph. But now I can only seem to see 25 entries at a time. How do I change my report to show all 24 hours in one graph? Thanks!
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