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  1. I do appreciate the input and I will be the first to admit, I am not at all an expert on how speed tests work. I know that I avoid the ones that my fellow Twitch streamers have warned me away from and stick with those that give as accurate as possible; however let me share this and see if this sheds any light. Around the 10th, my upload started to drop off. Using three other sites: http://speedtest.googlefiber.net/ 479/23.2 https://speedof.me/ 325.83/22.46 https://speedsmart.net/ 507.06/24.47 The above three sites report my upload speed as I should be getting, all three were using a server in Atlanta vs Florida. Is 5mbps worth all this? For my stream to be 30fps, at 1280x720p , I use up about 10-12mbps , so I don't have too much wiggle room is my ISP , or Twitch or something else is having issues. For the past couple of week, I have only been dropped twice and have not lost any frames, so usually that tells me that my upload is holding pretty good. If I was to use the reported result from Testmy.net , then my stream would not be stable and I would have to make some adjustments. That is why I am asked it there has been any issues with either the servers, the load on the services or something else that might impact my results when other sites are not reporting that I don't appear to be having any issues.
  2. More to my point, it has been about 4 weeks and the FL server that I have been using seems to be under reporting and the results from the other servers are about the same. I mainly test the upload since I stream and I pick 4 other speed test sites [that do not use java] they are avg about the same on the upload. I am just asking, if the internet pipes around https://testmy.net/ have been impacted.
  3. Speedof.me and Googl's Speed Test tool.
  4. Since the pandemic, I have noticed that my results from Testmy.net have been impacted. However other test sites that I use, have not been. Any suggestions?
  5. Hi all, I am out of my element when it comes to the Internet testing and associated telephony tech talk. I am a pretty happy business customer with comcast in comparison to price per speed for my area. However; just this past Sunday / Monday my upload speed is barely 2mb [according to TestMy] However; according to comcast' speed test [which is basically the other site as well] , they are showing acceptable upload speeds. Now, the reason I am concerned, is that I am also a Twitch streamer and the software that I use to stream OBS , was reporting dropped frames and this was a result of my attempting to push more information that what I could actually do. I had to reduce the bitrate in OBS for a 2mb stream vs 5mb and lower the the quality from 1080p to 720p. By changing those settings, I wasn't getting any dropped frames. So. Nothing has changed on my end, everything was fine Sunday eve, but Monday and today Tuesday, the upload speed is much slower, but comcast tools report one thing and OBS and TestMy show otherwise. Does anyone have any advice?
  6. Yes! that is what I am looking for. I am assuming that I can set this up via the autotest and it will run without me having to be on the website? If that is the case, can I have it check 12 times an hour for 5-6 hrs?
  7. The image for the combined, is that image updated like the upload test? [based on auto test parameter?]
  8. I did see that, but I wasn't sure if I was allowed to use like I want to, but will check it out. Thanks.
  9. I am a Twitch streamer and I was curious if there is a way that I can monitor and display my internet speeds based on what TestMy.Net shows? It doesn't have to be a constant check, but intervals of 15 or 30mins?
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