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    Johndoe reacted to CA3LE in Full list of ISPs in a country   
    Here's a trick made just for you.
    Visit this URL to enable and disable the filter algorithm that controls that.
    You can define the sensitivity of what's included with an optional extra variable.  A value of 1-100 will change the outcome of what's included.  (e.g. iMcVar=2 querying the US right now is showing 37 ISPs, when I change that value to 80 the same query results in 407 ISPs listed, same query without that iMcVar variable results in 506 ISPs listed) 
    https://testmy.net/?iMcVar=20  (change the value 2 to something between 1-100 -- a higher number includes more)
    What I was doing in developing this option was opening two browser tabs/windows.  One with the query I wanted to modify and one with the 
    https://testmy.net/?iMcVar=20 URL.  Then modify the iMcVar in one tab and refresh the other until it's displaying the right number of results.  Sometimes you might not want to include everything, it doesn't make sense most of the time to look at the ISPs who only have only 1 client testing.
    These settings and many more hidden will be included in a new settings control panel.  No ETA but it is coming.
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    Johndoe reacted to CA3LE in Understanding this site   
    Welcome Johndoe,
    You're seeing the average speed for your provider, the Speed Index is the current average of all users on TestMy.net.
    Here's what it looks like on my computer right now...

    The Speed Index changes throughout the day because the average speed fluctuates. 
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    Johndoe reacted to CA3LE in Understanding this site   
    You're welcome.
    The number is different because in that example you're averaging the last 32407 results, in the other example you're averaging the last 50 (selectable up to 1000).

    Depending on how many results you're averaging the average can change.
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