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  1. Hey so does that mean that i have to format both my drives?
  2. Hey I havent formatted that drive yet, but i juss got somethin wierd, i tried installing Partition Magic 8.0 and it installs but when i tried opening it i get a message saying: Init failed: Error 100 Partition table is bad
  3. Damn so I might have to format that drive again? Hmm damn I wont be able to back it up due to its a 160GB Dive full of junk and I dont have 160GBs full of back up space left anywhere
  4. I tried searching cause Im sure its happened to some of you. This is what happened, the other day my cousin came over with his HDD to see if I could transfer a 6 GB file over to his, so I turned the PC off, took my slave HDD off and plugged his in, well the computer at first didnt detect any HDDs but after a reboot it did, thru the POST test the BIOS does when the PC turns on, but once its in Windows and i go to My Computer only my Master HDD shows, couldnt get it done so he took his HDD home and I plugged mine in like it was and the same thing is happening, doesnt show up in My Computer. Its not the plugs, or the jumpers cause I've checked those so many times lol. Well help is appreciated and thanks in advanced everyone. Also Happy New Years and I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays.
  5. Ok my teacher decided to be a douche bag lol and give us as our final exam a report. Its 10 pages, has to be hand written about Microsoft Servers, like basically use Microsoft Windows 2003 Server as a base, we have to find out all the servers(Active Directory, DNS, ect) that is needed to run a full server for like a company. I went to the MS site and found this http://www.microsoft.com/servers/default.mspx At the right they have a list of all the servers, does it use all of those or just a few? Thanks in advanced for those that can help me out with that.
  6. Of course, this one will probably get Linux loaded on it for casual using, like my mom playin Sodoku or somethin lol...but I wont junk it, I'll leave it as a 2nd PC
  7. Thanks man so am I But gets me thinkin that I think its time for a new PC lol....this one has lasted me 2+ years so hopefully I can pull out some cash(will be hard to do) for a new PC
  8. Ok so I tried reinstalling Windows and my computer kept restarting even then, so then I thought of doin somethin that was bugging me from earlier, my Vid Card...I swapped it out with an older one and now it works fine finished repairing windows and here I am. So I guess that was the prob. Lol Now I need a new Vid Card tho...no more gaming until then ;_;
  9. Well juss got a ball of dust out lol, but yea my CPU fan is workin fine, cleaned it, and alot of the dust off, but still same problem....so I guess Im juss gonna reinstall windows.
  10. Hmmm no to the CPU related but I think the last one is it. My PC case is dusty as hell.
  11. sorry for the double post but I juss swapped out the PSU and still same thing goin on so thats not it.
  12. Okay juss finished checking the RAM, took out #2 Ram Module and the computer wouldnt even get to the Windows logo screen before restarting, so then I thought it could be Ram #1 but I took that out and put #2 back in and still no successful logging, so then I put both back in, and tried the checkdisk but wouldnt let me do it cause its NTFS, tried doin it on restart but juss restarted normally, Im going to go try out a diff PSU that I have laying around, its brand new so Im hoping that that fixes it. Also how would I go about repairing Windows with the CD? I tried already but that just takes me to a DOS screen, I've never repaired it that way so I dont know what to do.
  13. Im having a prob with my PC, once it gets to the Welcome Screen it restarts itself. I was at work when it started but my mom said, the screen went black and when it came back the mouse was frozen, and then the PC shut off, then when she turned it on it started restarting itself. Right now I'm in Safe Mode so I can atleast get on in that and post this because I';m stumped. I tried a System Restore and I rolled back once and it just froze in the Welcome Screen and when I tried rolling back even further the problem juss kept goin. So do any of you have any idea? Edit: Oh yea, I was readin a previous thread in a diff. forum about this and they said it could be a faulty Ram module but I've been in Safe Mode for a few hours now and nothing out of the ordinary has happened, so it might not be that but Im not sure.
  14. Bump..sorry if its not alllowed
  15. I can get into the BIOS....sometimes....lol...but I can...
  16. RXDriv3r

    BIOS Freezes up

    Ok my cousin's computer when you turn it on it does the memory test but then just hangs there...doesnt load up Windows XP or anything....Hes left it on for hours and nothing.....anyone know what this might be?
  17. RXDriv3r

    Wont connect.

    Welp I got it fixed after running Spybot S&D on the PC...lol...I remember before I knew all about spyware n stuff, eventhough I still needed help for this , the one time I got the newdot.net shit....I resorted to formattin my PC...lol...
  18. RXDriv3r

    Wont connect.

    Ok so heres the full story... My cousin calls me up and tells me his internet isnt working, so when I go over it says it has Limited or No Connectivity....we tried a few things, even bought a new Ethernet Card....still wont work....I noticed tho whenever the PC boots up theres a .dll that crashes...it says somethin like 'C:Program Files~NEWDOT~1.DLL' So my question is this....could that crashing dll be the source of the problem? sounds like that nasty Newdot.net stuff or whatever it was I got from iMesh years ago....only p2p program I see on his PC is LimeWire(something I have used before with no problems) so Im kind of stumped....so someone please help!
  19. Thanks everyone. I guess I'll juss save up some more money for the PSU....My cousin doesnt wanna return the case....Lol....Although I should call TigerDirect like cak46 says and ask if they would replace the PSU....what are the chances of that happenin?
  20. Why does a motherboard have to use more than one power plug? It pisses me off...I bought a motherboard from a fellow board member, I didnt specify what the case was like so I got the motherboard from him, when it gets to my house, it doesnt work because the power supply is missin a plug....the one not circled in the pic, which is what Im guessin x 6-Pin AUX (Xeon) Power plug or somethin(tell me if Im wrong)...Im not blaming him so dont think I am, Its all my fault, so then I talk to my cousin who all this is for, not me, and then he says to just get a whole new case, so I picked one, asked around, got told that it would work because most new PSUs have that plug, so I order it got here today, I open it up...and what do I see....no freakin plug.....I called TigerDirect and they gave me an RMA...it sucks because this is the case my cousin wanted....the case is this one: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1289171&sku=A406-1028 Can I get some help please...I would like to not have to send the PSU back and get a new PSU, but I, and he are both broke.....So the help I need really is, for someone to help me pick out a case that <i>will</i> work...please...thanks..
  21. I recently moved from my aunt's house back in with my parents here in PR....I had a broadband internet connection with Liberty at my aunt's house and that was okay....well when I moved I called Liberty to have them come on over and hook me up with a connection but when I told them where I lived they said that they didnt cover in my area. So now Im fux0red cause my options are DMax which is DSL but I dont have a phone at the house yet and i hear it could take awhile to have it installed so I dunno about that. My other choice is this internet I heard from Centennial...its a "Instant Internet" its wireless...supposedly the modem gets the connection just like a cellphone gets it's signal....so my concern is this....I've honestly just heard about this a few days ago and never heard of it before...what are your thoughts on it? the plan is: 1 yr Contract - 100$ Modem Rental and 60$ monthly. 2 yr Contract - Free Modem Rental and 60$ monthly. Thats for a 2.4 Mbps connection...well UP TO a 2.4 Mbps...What are you all's thoughts on this...
  22. Wow welcome back...I had withdrawal symptoms yesterday....badly...lol...needed some help with something but thank god I had TimPawlak's AIM sn so i got help from him...Lol
  23. Its pretty sweet I like it. And to shine in on the current topic....the movie rocked...I havent seen the sequal tho.... And to finally talk about the real topic...Lol my username came from the fact I drove an RX7 for a year n a half....and instead of driver i wanted driv3r(like the game) cause the 3 makes it lookcool I guess....Its pretty pointless now if you ask me tho cause the RX7 is long gone...but im keepin it cause I plan to get another RX...lol that and the name juss stuck on.
  24. Thanks Water....Im a firmware n00b.... Thanks for the help I appreciate it.
  25. Okay okay...I dunno if you guys are able to help me out with this but heres the deal. I bought an mp3 player off of eBay thats a knockoff off of one I saw at CompUSA....heres a link of the one on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-2GB-USB-DRIVE-2-GB-MP3-WMA-PLAYER-PEN-FLASH-MEMORY_W0QQitemZ160033735305QQihZ006QQcategoryZ73839QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem and heres the one from CompUSA http://www.compusa.com.pr/products/product_info.asp?pfp=SEARCH&Ntt=centon&N=0&Dx=mode+matchall&Nty=1&D=centon&Ntk=All&product_code=337121&Pn=1GBMP3_001_MP3_Player ok so my question is this.....both are pretty much the same hardware wise (except mines a 2GB...Centon also offers that but they dun sell it at CompUSA) well what Im guessin is that what changes between the both is the firmware...maybe.....so y question is this....is there anyway that I can find and get the firmware off of the centon one cause the firmware on the ebay one sucks ass.....or is there any other site with any other good firmware that i can download into the player itself or do i juss have to suck it up and deal with the pretty much sucky firmware on the eBay one I bought.
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