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  1. I just switched to Telus Optik (VDSL) 50 plan. They Claim 50Mbps download speed IF I go to http://beta.speedtest.net/ (Ookla) I get 60Mbps down, 11.55 Up, ad ping of 6ms!! Great! On https://fast.com/ (Netflix) I get 58Mbps down!! Also pretty awesome. Here I only get 18.8 Mbps.. Uh oh! Using Dallas for my server site. Am I doing something wrong, or are they traffic shaping like mad, or something else? Also, if I use Multithreading, using these sites: Central US - Colorado Springs, CO, USA => co.testmy.net West Coast US - San Francisco, CA, USA => sf.testmy.net Los Angeles, CA => lax.testmy.net I get Download :: 36.2 Mbps 4.5 MB/s
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