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    Hepick reacted to Pgoodwin1 in Is this reason enough to complain to my ISP....   
    Good to hear. Glad they got it worked out. Usually if you hound the ISP, after a while they do something. I'm convinced some of them have policies where they don't do anything for customers with these kind of problems until you call three or more times.
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    Hepick got a reaction from CA3LE in Is this reason enough to complain to my ISP....   
    Thank you Pgoodwin1!  I am finally getting speeds that are closer to the plan I have.  Somehow one of the ADSL lines was down and also my lines weren't bonded like they should have been. They sent out a new modem but it wasn't the one that can be used with bonded lines, as it turned out it.  After speaking to them (Frontier) once more, I told the CSR that answered my call to just send the tech out to my home and have them bring the new modem along with them. They came a day early because they were in my area already so that made me really happy.  Then the tech called a few days later to see if everything was still working accordingly!  ...and it was and still is!!  so thanks again for your advice!
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