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  1. No .csv Results

    Thanks, Looks Like it is OK now
  2. No .csv Results

    The error is in the first post and the second attachment. I DL the CSV file using export then open with Excel. Worked fine until a few days ago. I reset my PW and re logged in but no help. In Excel the error looks like:
  3. No .csv Results

    Followup: I have reloaded the Prog and rebooted the computer. No Joy
  4. No .csv Results

    Until yesterday I could Download my results (all results from the beginning of my membership) to Excel. Starting yesterday I started getting: I can see the Data and take Screen shots by cannot DL the data for use in Excel. I have attached a current and Prev Excel file. Any help appreciated 20171111 TestMy Data.xlsx Joesolstice-testmy.net-stats(8).xlsx
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