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  1. Speed test providers variations

    Hi CA3LE, Thank you for reply and all the information - sorry I hadn't meant to be critical of the site - more a reflection of my frustration. I have read your reply and appreciate all the hard work you have put into investigating issues raised.- thank you. Will spend more time rereading your reply and hopefully at some stage all will make sense. Just a note in the tests I selected Melbourne being my closest city while you have selected Sydney Best wishes, Eric
  2. Speed test providers variations

    Hi, Thanks for reply - I note that this site mainly deals with USA but I am in Australia dealing with Aust internet issues. Why do I get such a variation in speed tests from various tests at the same time - how does one get an accurate speed result test - who do you believe. Iprimus my isp advise they only need to provide 1.5mbps under their contract taking into account my distance from the exchange,,anything over that is a bonus, however speed tests from various testers show that I receive between 5-8mbps - even when I use Iprimus speed test and it show 8 but when I talk to them they say their system shows 5 mbps. Just now done download tests (Mbps) as follows: Iprimus 5.35 Telstra 8.51 Australian Government (using Ookla) 8.56 Testmy 8.1 Why does Iprimus test show so low speed. Who can you believe. Would changing ISP say to Telstra which is Australia's largest telecommunications company and owns the copper network and exchanges that providers like Iprimus use improve speed. Why does mytest show 8.1 and a test on my isp tester shows 5.35 - both can't be correct. Regards, Eric
  3. Speed test providers variations

    Not sure purpose of this forum when issues raised are not responded to. Parado
  4. Hi, Of recent I have changed over to iprimus as my isp and I have been having issues with them re slow internet download speeds. Telstra advise my property should get 10mbps and speed checks show average between 8-9mbps which is acceptable taking into account distance from exchange and distance to the house from Telstra's main copper cable. Australian government's mybroadband web site test shows 8.9 mbps. Iprimus speed test shows 6.51mbps and when I query them they advise that they only need to provide 1.5 mbps and only speeds below that is considered a fault. Where does the truth lie - why is iprimus so slow - if a changed over to Telstra would I in fact get the 8.9mbps that their speed test shows.. I feel that Australians should mount a class action against ISP who are happy to take our money but fail to provide an acceptable service. Regards, Eric
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