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  1. Hey guys, old post I know, but still relevant to the topic. So our we are limited in our ISP providers for our small community via ATT and their U-Verse (even thou its not the true U-Verse service). And of course everyone is on that service, a few have HughsNet, and a CO-OP service from one of our electrical power companies (however, it of course feeds into the ATT pipe). Back to the topic at hand, I'm back trying to create a group so that I can collect a large pool of users into one database. So I have the group created, its called April 2018 ATT Speed Test. As in the previous old post, I'm having issues understanding the error shown in the attached screenshot; I haven't been able to find where to set a password for the group test. I've created another personnel account but I still get the same issue for the group invite link needing a password. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the help so far on this topic guys. So I was able to create the "Test Group" and get the invite link and the history link. However, when I've copied the invite link and tried to open it in a separate browser, I get an error about needing a password for the group. Please refer to the attached screenshot. What my intention for the testing is to make a video for my customers and local residents to share for the test. Based on the error message, I'm hoping that the "testers" won't have to create an account to be in the test group. Thanks...
  3. Ok, thanks. That worked, after I switched to my laptop. For some reason it didn't like the way the iPhone keyboard responded in the pop up. Thanks again.
  4. I tried to edit my previous post, but I was shut down by amount of time since post or other feature as stated in the auto respond. No biggie. I'm viewing across my cell phone in desktop mode, and I've found the link under "Database". However, when I click on it, this is the view I get, see attached. It seems that I'm missing the ability to actually create the group. Maybe I missed something
  5. Fast and awesome, thanks for the response and enabling that feature. I'm testing speeds across multiple platforms, browsers, and ISP packages. Also, I've been using my iPhone with the Speedtest APP. To test speeds across the cellular networks. I've been getting sporadic results. Butt I'll start a new post because that can be a whole new Pandora box with answers/respones on why the variances in testing. Thanks again, Max
  6. I've been looking for others options to test my network other than Speedtest.net; and today I finally found it!! I've never felt like the results I was getting from their tests were legit. Now I would like to capture numerous results from a group of testers, like the Speedwave that Speedtest offers. I've looked thru the settings in my account and have found only the ability to keep a running record of my tests. and I know that the results can be shared. But not sure that I could get the entire group to post their results. Thanks.
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