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  1. Google BlackViper for his site on services for XP and Vista. His list is limited to services loaded with those OS's. Services added by programs are not listed. You'll find explanations of the services and whether or not they're safe to disable. To the best of my knowledge, all the tech sites mention him as the guy to go to for services. Also, Google Pacs-Portal for startups. You'll get all the same info as above plus it's not limited to just Windows OS startups. You'll find startups from a countless number of programs, even trojans and viruses etc. Good Luck!
  2. Try a new firmware for the router like Hyperwrt. It's free and you can get it at www.linksysinfo.org or www.hyperwrt.org.
  3. If the driver change doesn't help, (hasn't ever helped me) maybe this info. will. I've had a Gateway Solo 5300 laptop since Jan. 2001. I get this same problem every once in a while and it's been happening for years so I don't think that it has anything to do with wear on the touchpad. The pointer just seems to float. It will even, "try" to follow my finger if I hover it over the pad. It is reproducable in the correct setting. Here's what I've found. If my hand/finger is slightly wet or moist, either from just washing or humidity, my touchpad does the same thing. I've found only two things to solve the problem. One, reboot the computer and/or two, dry my finger/hand and keep it dry. I'll assume that since this happens in the summer if the AC isn't on, or in the winter when the heat is on, and has been happening for 5 years, that it has nothing to do with any drivers. My guess is that a hot, moist hand with lots of blood flowing through it, will conduct a bit more, (static or electro-magnetic?) electricity than a cool dry hand. I believe that this is my problem and it drives the touchpad crazy. If I find that my hand is in this state for whatever reason, I blow a small fan in the area of my hand/touchpad to keep things cool and dry. It works! If after reading this and thinking about it, you find that this could probably be your problem, try drying off your finger or putting a peice of cloth, (from your shirt or sleeve) in between your finger and the touchpad and see if the pad calms down a bit. If it does, you'll probably need to reboot and then keep your hand dry for it to completely correct itself and not happen again. I'll guess that if my findings are correct and a driver is still the proper fix, that the driver may turn down the power to the touchpad enough to negate the extra electric conductivity from a hot, moist, blood filled finger/hand. PS: I've also found that if you don't have the laptop on a flat surface, a little bit of pressure in certain areas will cause the mouse to move around on it's own. This pressure usually comes from resting your hands on the laptop. Of course, this is nothing more than a physical issue and can be corrected immediately by setting the laptop on a flat surface, or making sure you don't put too much pressure on it.
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