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  1. Thank you Pgoodwin1. I have tried everything possible. If they don't change their field technicians. It will never be fixed. They just don't know what they are doing. But you don't know how much I appreciate your help. Again...Thank You!
  2. Pgoodwin1 I have connected it with an ethernet cable and without. It is still the same. about 2.34 mbps and it's supposed to be 100mbps.
  3. I am reading it in the Local Area Connection Status window. I use that to get into the internet. It says, 100Mbps. Not enough bandwidth comes on when I am watching such streams as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc.I know I am not getting 100Mbps. I only receive about 2.34 mbps.
  4. The Local Area Connection reads that I have 100Mbps which I KNOW is not the case. I pay $74.00 plus change every month for my phone bill. And I do have a wireless Modem ( which I connect a telephone wire to) is also provided by Windstream. I have talked to Windstream several times . They have sent this old guy that I think I know more about computers than he does. Just because I live in rural America doesn't mean I have to get cheated. I'm stumped. Would Xfinity or something like that work better here?
  5. Yes I have. But it's still the same.
  6. I have Windstream as my ISO. It says I paid for 100mbs but is getting about 2.(?) . I often get messages , "not enough bandwidth" how does one get more bandwidth?
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