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    traveller1959 got a reaction from Pgoodwin1 in What nodes am I testing?   
    Thank you. This helps to explain the volatility of results across devices in this home. If one person is running the test from a Windows laptop (WIFI), another from a MAC (WIFI) and a third from a hard wired Windows PC …all in different rooms …in a large house with concrete walls ….we're going to get different results/experiences when the max capacity from the ISP is 10Mbps and their best router is a 6 year old Thomson router. I'm trying to put pressure on the ISP, but they will continue to blame my devices until I can prove that the the bottleneck is from the router out through their nodes to the internet and back. Any suggestions?
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    traveller1959 got a reaction from CA3LE in How do I choose the ISP testmy.net uses?   
    Thank you. I figured out that Claro's underlying network infrastructure and Telematix-Entel are one in the same. 
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