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  1. Good speeds on speedtest.net but subpar here

    I have AT&T U verse 45 MB Internet - ATT Speed test always shows down load speeds of 55+ and upload speeds of 5 MB+ --- From watching the "speedometer" the needle fluctuates a lot during the tests as is shown in the graphs from TNM - What appears to me to be happening on the ATT Speed test results is that ATT only shows you the Highest peak from the test as your "speed" which makes them look far better than they actually are. The actual "sustained usable speed" from ATT is actually lower than advertised. We are a multiple user household which is why we have the 45 MB internet. There are times when several people are using the network (Dell Gigabit Switch for wired and ATT Wi-Fi for phones) when pages seem to lock up even though in total we're using at best 20 MB of bandwidth. The TNM test seems to show why this is happening as we are not getting a stable speed/bandwidth from ATT.
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