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  1. Long time no see, anyways i've just recently acuired a laptop that i can't log in due to the fact that I don't have the password. Its a Dell Latitude D400( peice of junk i know, but handy for storing 3gb music) it has no CD drive or floppy drive. It does have USB ports so i was thinking of using a flash drive, also the O/S is Win XP Professional. Any help would be great
  2. Is the process running from the system32 folder. If its not then you probably want it off your system.
  3. Marquis de Sade........*shudders
  4. I did a virus scan (which i havent done lately because im quite lazy ) and i found a few infections, cleared them, and now my control pannel works.
  5. Double clicking it didnt work.
  6. my control pannel is acting werid could anyone tell me whats wrong?
  7. google it the link should come up
  8. i hate water http://www.angelfire.com/apes/watersucks/ (dont click on this if you dont like vulgarity)
  9. 2 Minutes to Midnight- Iron Maiden Number of the Beast- Iron maiden The Ripper- Judas Priest Night of the Vampire - Grim Reaper
  10. www.themexp.com this is an ok site and /www.wincustomize.com I havent checked this one though.
  11. The American dream is to live wealthy. So wouldn't it be better if i care just care about myself and get the reward? Thats how people think now days. The U.S. has been practicing individualism for a while now and it has had benefits and downfalls. I've seen how collectiveism works and it seems really peaceful. It wouldn't work with the u.s. though but I'm kind of glad. I love my country and the way it is we just have to work out the bad things. When something gets stronger and stronger you become your own enemy. People get what they want even if its something bad. If they don't, they'll do som
  12. I'm tired of my currently running computer thats about 4-4.5 years old(even though it isn't that bad). I don't have much to do this summer so I want to build a gaming PC. I want to spend about 500 on the processor(possibly a dual core?) and mobo. Also what case and graphics card would you recommend i want a ATX case. I'm not too concerned about other parts like disk drives and memory because i can get them for free or cheap.
  13. I think they should put X-men back on that show owned. I don't really watch and i have a 50inch hdtv. The only shows i really watch are 24 and CSI
  14. I've been here a bit but I've never really posted but thanks for the welcome. Yeah I'm a maiden and sabbath fan and losing your collection must have sucked.
  15. I used all my shells and other good stuff last 4th of July so all i had was bottle rockets and firecrackers but i made a nice firework by combining both. The quick-wicks do suck
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