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    You could give that info to your ISP. It's possible that they have some way to route you differently than what it's doing now.
    with good routing, you might sustain > 75% of your plan max. Maybe a little higher. My experience has been about 80% to the west coast from Cincinnati.
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    Your problem might not be your local ISP. Since they have to connect across the country you are at the mercy of every connection made and every node you pass through. They have control over everything until they hand it off to the Internet backbone and then all bets are off, It can go anywhere. I live 70 miles south of Portland, but to get to the Portland Netfix server, I go though Seattle and sometimes San Jose.
    Also you have time of day that affects speed. Imagine as everyone comes home, has supper and kicks back to stream their favorite show. It starts first on the East  Coast and the load picks up as you move West. 7PM is the worst, the whole country is streaming and unless the server is in your back yard you are in trouble.
    Try your test against multiple test sites and time of day. You will see a wide variance the further away you are from "home" and the time of day.
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    Thank you, your reply is appreciated.  I conducted a 'tracert' to IP address in Seattle which took 11 hops, with a consistent requested time out on number 10.  I ran three times, totals:  68ms, 125ms, and 110ms.  How does one interpret this to a loss in receiving a downloadable speed? 
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