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  1. I already tried region AFR and S AFR and nothing. May be I have to change WIFI region, but witch one? In wifi region there are option from A to AF, I guess. Until now, Samsung still didn´t launch update. My model is UE49KU6400 Best
  2. Hi unfortunately it doesn´t work. May be I have to change region from PANEURO to AFR or S AFR? The question is that, I bought a Samsung Smart TV K series in Portugal and brought it to Cape Verde, West Africa, and cannot access to Smart Hub ( the TV gets stuck in Terms and Conditions) Best
  3. I understand your point. Butin Service Menu of Samsung Smart TV K series exists Region "PANEURO", for instance, and WIFI REGION "E". If I live out of EU may I change region and wifi region? Saying, I´m in Africa. Any idea?
  4. Who can explain me what does mean WIFI REGION? And, how can I know WIFI Region of my country? Best
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