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    Ky Tavares reacted to CA3LE in WIFI Region   
    In Africa I'd use the EU setting.
    I'm reading that maybe you want to use the WIFI REGION "A" setting.
    Might not be your exact TV but they sound like they have similar operating systems and settings.  I'd definitely try "A".  Let us know how that works.
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    Ky Tavares reacted to CA3LE in WIFI Region   
    I believe they're referring to channel designation in each country.
    United States - channels 1-11
    Europe - channels 1-13
    Japan - channels 1-14
    This does not affect power output or anything else.  The channels themselves are also the same.  Many routers stick to 11 channels to remain world-compatible.
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    Who can explain me what does mean WIFI REGION? And, how can I know WIFI Region of my country?
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