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  1. Ah. That makes sense. I appreciate it.
  2. I realize it may be a pointless question, but what does TID stand for? I know TIP is Test In Progress, but I can't figure out TID. Thanks.
  3. It does. I completely forgot about being able to copy it from the first box. Thanks for the help. ? Have a great 4th!
  4. CA3LE, First, if you're American, happy 4th of July! I hope you have a great holiday! Regarding the title, in the new version of the site there is no place to copy the TID code from so that you can combine an upload test with a download test to create a graphic. On the old site, you could click on the TID for each test, then copy the non clickable TID code in that popup window, but the new site doesn't have that. The only way I've found to do this is to click share on the particular upload test, then copy the TID code from the URL, then go back and click share on the download test I want to combine it with, paste it in the second box and combine it. It's just a bit of a pain to have to do it this way. Or, and I missing something and there is, in fact, an easier way to copy the TID from an upload test so that I can combine it with a download test? Thanks.
  5. I like the new design. Great job, CA3LE!
  6. RoyE, Are you streaming Netflix in HD? If so, are you making sure to turn off (or pause) the Video Data Saver? If not, you can do so through the Video section in the HughesNet Usage Meter. Conversely, you can lower the definition to SD or lower, which I would recommend, as streaming in HD is a very data intensive activity, and once your initial 20 days of unlimited data ends (see the HughesNet Welcome email), your data usage is going to start being counted normally, and you're going to burn through your data very quickly with HD streaming.
  7. HughesNet. $69.99 plan price (plus $14.99 equipment lease fee and taxes).
  8. So is it your suggestion to avoid those things in order to "improve WiFi connectivity even with internet basic plans", or are you asking for help to improve your "WiFi connectivity"? *3rd party devices/routers Keep in mind that, if one does not have a proprietary WiFi router from their plan provider they must connect a 3rd party router in order to utilize WiFi. *movie apps that require 3 to 6 Mbps internet speed If one's provider doesn't supply adequate speed they won't be able to stream movies, regardless of a WiFi or LAN connection. *simultaneous use of wifi from 6 or more devices Wholeheartedly agree, as the speed will be divided between devices, and not necessarily evenly. And if using the 2.4Ghz band, the WiFi itself could be a choke point, depending on the plan's speed. * unmindful of radio frequencies (i.e. 2.4ghz/5ghz) or lack of info as its reach among others With the 5Ghz band this is normally not an issue, though its range is considerably less than the 2.4Ghz band.
  9. CA3LE, Actually, I just upgraded my desktop to W10 1809 (clean install) and installed Chrome anew. It seems to be fine now. It's likely that resetting it would have done the trick. Thanks for the advice. ?
  10. CA3LE, For some reason I keep having to sign in every time I come to the site tonight. If I don't sign in, but click on Download Test and select the 25MB test (size is arbitrary in this case), the page then automatically goes to choosing a server, but with me now being signed in. For some reason it seems to only be doing this in Chrome and not Firefox. I cleared the cache in Chrome but it's not making a difference. Just letting you know.
  11. You should check what your speed is hard wired to determine whether 30Mbps is your max. You won't get 70Mbps with HughesNet. Max is in the high 40s.
  12. That's only one test, and most likely due to some type of issue, or even an erroneous test result, which happens. TMN isn't infallible.
  13. You say your speed is always 1Mbps or below, yet those tests don't bear that out. Three are well above that, with one being above HughesNet's advertised speed. You say HughesNet has not once delivered on their proclaimed speed of 25Mbps, yet one of those tests clearly show they have, and two others are within the 60% threshold. If your tests show 45.9Mbps, then you've seen 45.9Mbps, which is nearly twice their advertised speed.
  14. Judging by the way the speed has picked back up, it's likely that there was some type of issue with your provider that was fixed.
  15. It all depends on what you need it for, and in the area you're talking about you may very well be limited to cell and satellite service. If it's those, you can pretty much forget cutting the cord and you'll probably need something like DirecTV or Dish. I live an hour south of Buffalo and I have HughesNet, which works fine for me. It's the only service I can get, literally, with the exception of dial up.
  16. Who are you replying to? The same question for your second post.
  17. Have you tried turning off, or pausing, the Video Data Saver, which deliberately throttles your speed when streaming to such that is amenable to streaming in SD?
  18. Well, I don't know if this is what you were looking for, as again, this wasn't one of MY results. https://testmy.net/compID/6157219504430 I did click default at the top of that Connection ID's results page, but it didn't change anything. The person who ran the test was the same one from this results page... https://testmy.net/quickstats/JEANNE H , but they were using a second computer and weren't signed in to TMN with it, so that particular test wasn't logged under their account.
  19. Any idea why it might give this final result when it's clear that the actual speed never got that high? This is NOT my test, but another HughesNet customer who's having speed differences between browsers. I only noticed this when looking through the person's results and found it odd. First, because I knew that this result must be a glitch (nobody gets speeds that high with HughesNet), and then seeing the even larger glitch when looking at the test result graph. How can the average have been 58.15Mbps when the test never got over 30.84Mbps? A head scratcher, for sure.
  20. Thank you! I just checked it again and noticed it was working before coming here to see if there was a reply. I appreciate you taking a look and fixing it.
  21. I check this quite often, and all of a sudden the list is VERY small. What happened?
  22. HughesNet has direct competition from Exede. I don't know why you would pay $226 for the 50GB plan, as that's not the price. The maximum price for the 50GB plan is $129.99. With the $14.99 lease fee and taxes, that's maybe $150 total.
  23. I second that, though I heard it from the same person.
  24. Doing the same for some other Hughesnet users, as well.
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