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  1. Today, during yet another worthless 'field tech' appointment re our Suddenlink ("suddenLYUNlinked" as we call them) speeds crawling along at amazing slow speeds, then spiking to very high (DL/incoming), then [the modem freaks out due to the spike, as explained to me once by a suddenlink phone tech support rep], I tried showing the TWO suddenlink tech employees that the site they wanted me to test at (https://SPACEfastDOTcom) was a 'flash-based' test and therefore not truly accurate for reasons detailed here at testmy.net. They refused to even consider what I was saying. (Typical suddenlink.) I tried showing them the graph and the individual entries from the auto tests (both tmn and not, both DL/UP, and DL only) I've been running ever 10-15 mins. for days and days. Again, no interest. Either they had no idea what I was talking about, or they just flat out weren't interested in any info source that conflicted with their canned 'you're getting exactly [the speeds] what you are supposed to' canned, unhelpful, useless speech. They refused TO EVEN LOOK at the screenshot I'd saved on the 'why flash tests aren't accurate' testmy.net website info page. And the fight continues......... (after one tech actually agreed that I might just have to switch to 56k dial-up fro days of old..... figures, right?)
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