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    jelbiz reacted to Mr_Boffo in Fail gracefully when very bad connection   
    I have a similar problem.  Not only does the test stop with a very slow or absent connection, but there is no record of the failure or any partial results.  For me it would be advantageous to have the situation noted so that I could show it to my provider as part of the documentation of service lapses.  I recognize that the downside is that you might also record a computer that went into sleep mode as a failure; I'm not computer-savvy enough to propose a fix for that, but perhaps someone else could come up with a way to differentiate between the two.
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    jelbiz reacted to CA3LE in Fail gracefully when very bad connection   
    I'll keep this suggestion in mind when I dig into the next version. -- this would add a lot of value.
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