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  1. I'm having trouble with Hughesnet (no kiddin') and I've been running up and download tests on Testmy.net but I have been told to limit my data so each test runs the same amount. On top of that even after I ordered only 5 tests for a period of 5 hours when I examined the log it showed that it had been testing for 11 hours consuming 11.5 gigs. I know how to limit the minimum data used for testing but I haven't seen anywhere to limit the max data. Hughesnet's uploads are running at less than 3 Mbps, down to 2.0 at times while the download speeds are operating at their normal consistent speed of
  2. I've been a Hughesnet customer for more than 11 years now and I can say with some authority that the service, while still substandard at times, is better than it was when I first connected and as far as reliability, the only real outages I've had have been weather-related. The thing just seems to stay on. It beat the hell out of the dial-up I was originally forced to use. Hughesnet severely overloaded their transponders time and time again. Every new service Hughesnet rolled out was quickly maxed out with subscribers and with the limited bandwidth there were soon many unhappy people. I opted f
  3. Is this topic still active? Hughesnet is still having a problem so I would think that people being screwed over by them would vent hear. I'm a very dissatisfied Hughesnet customer and have gotten the run around so many times I'm dizzy. Service was good for about two years with only the occasional slow down. When I called, Hughesnet slicksters convinced me I should get Gen 4 service. More data that I couldn't down load, more potential speed to watch movies buffer every thirty seconds. I pay over a $100 a month for a service that only works properly 10 out of 31 days. After 5 days of arguing wit
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