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  1. I'm having trouble with Hughesnet (no kiddin') and I've been running up and download tests on Testmy.net but I have been told to limit my data so each test runs the same amount. On top of that even after I ordered only 5 tests for a period of 5 hours when I examined the log it showed that it had been testing for 11 hours consuming 11.5 gigs. I know how to limit the minimum data used for testing but I haven't seen anywhere to limit the max data. Hughesnet's uploads are running at less than 3 Mbps, down to 2.0 at times while the download speeds are operating at their normal consistent speed of 1.2 Mbps to 86 Mbps. The graph looks like the stock market for the last few days. I do have to give Hughesnet credit that I went a full 90 days without a single glitch which is pretty good considering I've stayed with Gen4 Ultra which was severely overused until Gen5 was launched. I was hoping that a lot of the Gen4 users would upgrade to Gen5 lowering the number of users on Gen4s limited band width. I actally saw an improvement in both dl and ul speeds that got progressively better but then seemed to top out and there was no longer an increase in speed. I should mention that latency doesn't look that good on an intermittant basis. 1590 keeps me from streaming Netflix so I had to cancel it. Assistance, opinions, advice, or just an acknowledgement is greatly appreciated.
  2. I've been a Hughesnet customer for more than 11 years now and I can say with some authority that the service, while still substandard at times, is better than it was when I first connected and as far as reliability, the only real outages I've had have been weather-related. The thing just seems to stay on. It beat the hell out of the dial-up I was originally forced to use. Hughesnet severely overloaded their transponders time and time again. Every new service Hughesnet rolled out was quickly maxed out with subscribers and with the limited bandwidth there were soon many unhappy people. I opted for Gen4 as soon as it was offered in a package called Ultra. I don't recall the speeds promised but it seems like it was at least 20 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up which is what I did get for a matter of months and then the buffering started and the lost connections and lots of phone calls. The front line technicians have a script they work from which makes it possible for even brand new employees in the phone bank to try to work through some of the minor problems. I'll admit that I have had problems resolved by one of them asking to check how tight the coax connector was on the modem input. Eventually, I found ways to work around having to unplug and plug back in the modem so I could move on to the real possible causes of problems. I had buffering that lasted for over 3 months with a problem that was advanced to the top level techs while Hughesnet gave me credit for 6 months. I can't say they don't value every customer. I've been lucky to have had the service work nearly flawlessly for just about 90 days until buffering started again with streaming video forced into the lowest resolution just to launch, that's144p. I posted the problem on their bulletin board to see if I could roust a moderator which I have done before but after many posts, I have yet to hear from a Hughesnet employee. I have had responses from the laymen techs who have offered advice on testing and options to try. I should mention that while on the Ultra Gen4 package a Hughesnet tech advised me to upgrade to Gen5 to halt buffering. This was a new satellite in 2017 that spread the load of subs so there were fewer per transponder plus they offered up to 50 gigs of anytime data, a built-in router, and speeds up to 25 Mbps download. I don't recall the upload speed but this cost approximately $40 more per month. This would be a waste for me since I already had a router, 50 gigs of data and when the system is working properly I get 25 to 30 Mbps down and 2 to 3 Mbps up which is why Ultra is no longer offered. I'm waiting for them to tell me it's being discontinued causing me to pay for Gen5. That will be when I switch to a dsl that is within a mile of me now. Of course, the upload speeds are not going to work consistently for gamers and I think it's a little disingenuous to not mention that when someone signs up but if you live out in the sticks your choices are definitely limited. I wrote this after reading some of the complaints that I know are completely justified. Few things irritate me more than watching that white circle spinning in the center of the screen every time I try to load a new page but considering the signal starts at an earth station, is broadcast 22,500 miles up in space to be collected by a device residing in an incredibly harsh environment and sent back down to a small dish on my roof which allows me to view how the foundations of buildings are anchored in Venice, if that's my interest, I consider this to be damn close to magic. I'm sure I sound partial to Hughesnet but it's not them I'm singling out, all of them do the same to varying degrees and I used to work for what was then the 10th largest cable company in the U.S. so I've had the opportunity to see the process from both sides. I was the technical supervisor who was the end of the line for customer complaints so I know what happens when it doesn't work, over and over and over again. It's not the fault of the person who is reading from a script but they have to take the anger of a person who pays the bill on time every month for a service that is not performing as the advertisements promised. I actually wrote this in the hopes that I'll be rewarded with positive karma and my upload speeds of .20Mbps will miraculously heal themselves and I won't have to check myself when I call the front line technician complaining to them once again. I also wrote this and I hope someone knowledgeable of Testmy.net procedures will read this to the end to answer my question. I used Testmy.net to record the painfully slow upload speeds with a setting to run the test every hour five times. That should have been all but when I returned from the store and errands the test had run every hour for 11 hours sending combined up and download packets of data amounting to 25, 30, 35 Mbps eating up over 11 gigabytes of my Hughesnet data. Why does this run on its own? Do I have to sign out and close the page? I'd rather not since I'd like to read the results of the tests I've run but I don't have that data to spare. Actually, you can disregard my textual meanderings above and just answer the question, if you can. I'm simply venting here so I don't do it on the phone when I call Hughesnet to complain.
  3. Is this topic still active? Hughesnet is still having a problem so I would think that people being screwed over by them would vent hear. I'm a very dissatisfied Hughesnet customer and have gotten the run around so many times I'm dizzy. Service was good for about two years with only the occasional slow down. When I called, Hughesnet slicksters convinced me I should get Gen 4 service. More data that I couldn't down load, more potential speed to watch movies buffer every thirty seconds. I pay over a $100 a month for a service that only works properly 10 out of 31 days. After 5 days of arguing with the front line apologists, I was finally sent to the nest level technicians. They took four days to finally call me. When they did, I was told that there was nothing that tech could do and my case was sent on to the next level of non-sense which I now wait to not hear from. I've informed every lowly script reader and 'avoid the customer' supervisor that the problem is 'greed'; signing up more subs then the physical plant can handle. Just like clock work the system starts to slow at 4:30 every week day. It bogs down to a crawl and comes to a stop by 7:00 pm and begins it's slow ascent to useabiltiy at around 11:00 pm. I'm currently waiting for the highest of the high, the 'engineer, to tell me they don't have a problem on their end. I'm checking out the service offered by Excede to see if their lies are any more believable.
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