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  1. I have hughesnet and I was wondering if there was a way to run fiber optics from the dish to the modem ,then to my router ,and then out to the rest of my equipment ,I have checked and the Internet in my town has hardline DSL but there speeds are up to 4 Mbps on download and up to 5 Mbps on upload .and they have intentions of eventually running fiber optics but it could be 5 years ,at those speeds ,I don,t see me being able to use my internet as my main means of watching movies and videos .hughesnet speeds are ( they promise 15 Mbps on download & 2 Mbps on upload ,the best I have ever gotten is 9 Mbps on download ,and I have gotten 2 Mbps on 1 or 2 occasions it's usually under 1 Mbps .i,m just trying to get my speeds up .in your opinion will the hardline in my town hold up better than hughesnet ,it's totah and they do have unlimited data ,were hughesnet does not .any info would be appreciated sincerely dhutch54. PS they even tried to tell me bandwidth and data are the same bandwidth is like a 1 lane highway changing it to a 4 lane highway that's increasing bandwidth ,data is what you use to watch videos, movies ,etc.
  2. Is that Verizon a phone or do you live in the city where version has hardline Internet ?
  3. I have Hughes net been a customer for 4 years ,I finally upgraded to the gen 4 and there new modem HT1100 I get download speeds of around 9 Mbps with testmy,net and speedtest.net my upload speeds hit 2 Mbps ,now this is with my android phone through the wifi ( the cheapest belkin router ) and my iPad get the same but there are peak times when those speeds do not apply ,and what I wanted was an Internet with unlimited data so I can watch Netflix ,Hulu plus ,and wwe network ,and the free channels of which there is a lot ,one thing that would solve there problem is run fiber optics from the dish to the modem and to the routers and so on ,plus give unlimited data I know what I pay its $110.00 a month every month plus my dish network ,I,m going to try my local internet but there speeds scare me they have unlimited data but there speeds are horrible ,if you have directv and have been a long time customer they do have there internet with AT&T with unlimited data and there speeds are twice and at times triple of what hughesnet is ,but I'm still looking if someone with the money and was honest could start there own internet system use fiber optics give unlimited data I would be pleased to pay the $110.00 a month because between the two it's breaking me .
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