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  1. Hi Mudmanc4, Update: I had a comcast tech come out, and I don't know how much of what he said was right/wrong but his basic message was: "I should rent a modem/router combo from them because the owned ones don't get updated right so you have to buy a new one at $200 a pop every 2 years anyways so you're not saving money, but if you don't want to do that buy the Netgear AC1900 router/broadband modem combo "nighthawk", also Comcast and Linksys don't get along and we have problems with the Arris modems too". Since the Nighthawk was cheaper in total than
  2. Mudmanc4, Update: Tested it on my wife's Windows 8.1 computer, same results in terms of speed. As for the modem log I get the No Ranging Response received - T3 or T4 time-out maybe once every 3-4 days, I cleared the log and ran the test a couple of more times, nothing as of yet, but I will let you know. I ordered the Cat 6a cables to see if that will be a change. I'm going to try booting up in safe mode w/ networking and see if maybe some application isn't playing nice with my router. I just thought of it, that maybe AVG or windows fi
  3. Hi Mudmanc4, Thank you for the reply. To answer your questions: 1. I have two cables A and B, I've tried both of them in modem to laptop and reversed them in the modem to router to laptop configurations. I get advertised speeds with both cables when doing modem to laptop, and 30 D 10 U when I introduce the router. Also my wireless speed is usually around 20 D 5-10 U so even it is 10% the download speed it should be. However, I should probably invest in some Cat 6 anyways so I will get some and report back. 2. I've tested on my Galaxy S5 on wireless with the
  4. Hello Forum, I've tried just about everything I can think of so in a last ditch effort I am going to post my problem here. Please let me know if there is another thread addressing my particular issue, if you need any more information from me, or if you have suggestions. My Location: Orangevale, CA - USA (close to Sacramento or Folsom, CA) My Service: Comcast Broadband Blast Pro! 200 Mbps Download, 10 Mbps Upload (D/U) speeds. My modem: Brand new Arris Surfboard 6190 Modem with latest drivers and firmware to my knowledge, replaced my previous 5341j Zoom modem t
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