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  1. on vodafone 4g im getting around 30 down. if virgin do come round id probs only get around 70-100 because of my distance from cab
  2. Could you please give us some more information if possible? Internet speed your payin for Internet speed your estimated Internet type. adsl, fiber etc Your router-modem stats. Down speed, up speed , attenuation etc But unless your either on dialup or you are like 5km from your street cabinet. something is definitely up
  3. Yeah they've got you by the short an curlys if its "up to xxMb/s" you should ask for a guaranteed minimum speed in writing. if it falls below that you can give their sweaty conkers a right good pull
  4. The speed you see in the modem will allways be higher than what you see on the speed tests you do yourself. Thats your line speed or sync speed (Its called many things) and its the speed your getting from your isp. The speed you see from speed tests is your throughput (The speed you can download at, stream etc) . The reason your throughput is lower is to allow for overheads ( The bits of information that tells the stuff you download where to go aswell as other important things). After doing a bit of digging your modem can only get a maximum of 7mbps for ADSL or 20mbps for ADSL2.
  5. Im in north wales and get around 20-25mb/s with sky, i cant get the full 38 because im the last house on the copper line furthest from the street cabinet
  6. I would love virgin media but they aint in my area yet
  7. speaking of HDD's Argos uk have the seagate backup 4Tb for £99, comes with 200gb cloud for 2 years and 2 year warranty, im tempted to go for it seing as the going rate for 1Tb is around £40-60 AFAIK
  8. thank you for your reply, that seems to make more sense than my isp pulling a fast one on me
  9. How am i able to achieve 58mbps on a 38mbps plan? Even though its only for 1 second, does this mean that those speeds are achievable? Sky also do a 70ish mbps plan but they said it would be pointless opting for that as my estimated line speed is only 20-30mbps if those speeds are possible is my isp fobbing me off by limiting my speed so i dont get the full 38mbps?
  10. hey i have noticed on a lot of my speed tests it always begins to download at an insane speed for 1 second then pans out i have only has fibre for 1 day so would this be an effect of the 10 day testing thing (iv heard it only applies to adsl tho) i have sky fibre unlimited 38mbps (FTTC) estimated line speed of 20.4 - 30.8mbps 1.7km from exchange 350-400m from street box thing Broadband Link Downstream Upstream Connection Speed 25678 kbps 5185 kbps Line Attenuation
  11. Ok so the i frame thing didn't work and i cant edit presumably because im new here so here is a pic of the graphical jump from adsl to fttc for me
  12. well fibre is officially live and im quite impressed with the new speeds DOWNLOADS UPLOADS and here is a little graph to show the jump from adsl to fttc that i achieved. im 1.7km from exchange and 400m from the street box thing https://testmy.net/quickstats/psyber . buzzin!
  13. here are my upload speeds, i forgot to put them in original post
  14. i am set to have sky fibre activated anytime tomorrow so i will post the increased results on this same topic once it is up and running , the fibre will only cost me an extra £12.50 a month basic is £22 a month with line rental and calls
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