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  1. I had this same problem when i bought my laptop for school. I couldnt justify the price difference especially when i fond out you could install OSX on the Dell XPS 1530. So thats what i did. Bought the Dell and dual boot OSX and Vista. It works great.
  2. none the less still very expensive considering you can get 2gb of ddr2 pc6400 ram for under 80 bucks on newegg.com. More ram isnt really necessary for me anyways. I just needed a new hard drive because my other on was getting full.
  3. http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/category.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=dhs&cs=19&category_id=4325&mfgpid=190968&chassisid=-1 Actually its not cheap at all for ram on this computer. It uses RDRAM, with is almost impossible to find except on dells site and ebay. Also you have to buy that memory in pairs. So double the prices they show there on their site becasue i have to buy 2. Not to mention i really dont need the extra ram on this computer. Its pretty much just used for internet and MS Office stuff.
  4. This computer actually only has 256MB so I use the page file A LOT
  5. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/setup/expert/tulloch_partition.mspx Its towards the end of the page under "Boosting performance" Just wondering if it were true or not
  6. Hello, I recently bought a second hard drive to add to my system. I was reading online that it is sometimes best to keep your Windows page file on a separate partition on the 2nd hard drive. Is this true? And are there any other items on my computer that should get their own partition?
  7. i know the actual captureing of the video dosent utilize the cores but most of the programs i have looked at are an all-in-one package. They capture the video, encode it, and burn it.
  8. Hello I have a computer with a Q6600 processor in it. I use my computer to convert vhs tapes to dvd and it takes a lot of power to encode the video after capturing it. When i had my old pentium 4 computer i used a nero capture program but it was pretty old program so i'm assuming it cant utilize my Q6600. What programs are out there that would let me complete this task while using all of my processor. I dont mind paying for the program. Thanks
  9. yea i feel for you. I've had to deal with Roadrunners live chat a few times and its like pulling teeth trying to get an answer out of them.
  10. I heard that those LED Screens are suppose to look amazing. They installed an 84 foot LED High Definition Screen and the Football Stadium here in Buffalo. I'm looking forward to going out there for a game to see how it looks.
  11. I could never understand why apple charges so much for their computers. If you go by specs alone that computer dosent cost more than $1500. Whats the extra $1100 for???????
  12. Whats the price on the macbook? If its the same as the asus and you looking for sheer computing power i guess i would go with the macbook. Better processor, more ram, cool keyboard, etc.. But if its more $$$ then I guess its whatever is a higher priority for you. Do you need the extra power or not. Also do you want a Mac OS or Windows. Its up to you. Personally i think the asus is overpriced. I built the exact same computer on dells website for about $1500.
  13. watch what? Theres not much to watch besides checking the stats/scores
  14. Someone else join so we dont have to have a team on a bye week every week. We need an even number of players.
  15. that would be me. Looking forward to the football season. GO BILLS
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