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  1. OK guys, I have compiled some facts I gathered about AOL and if you can provide more, you can email me and it's posted on this web site: http://www.cybamall.com/aohellsucks/ have a nice day!
  2. Hey guys, my friend called AOL to get some information about the AOL broadband which they claim, they have a broadband connection. You should listen carefully on the conversation on what really is the AOL broadband connection. It's a SCAM! They are trying to mislead people to signing up AOL. Here is the link for the conversation. http://uploadingit.com/uploader/files/641/aolbroadbandinquiry.mp3
  3. LOL, I found more forums about AOL. I love this forum as much as I hate AOL..... Check fo the AOL ad guys... it says that you need to have an existing broadband connection like DSL or Cable internet before they can provide you the "high speed"connection. Why pay for an extra service of AOL while you can get those services for free like yahoo, msn, etc. Plus, AOL programs can bug down your computer - it will slow down your computer significantly. Some people won't give up their AOL account coz most of them are subscribers for almost a decade and they have the AOL email address and don't want to lose it. But why still keep the AOL email while you can do your email from your current ISP or if you change your ISP from time to time, then go to yahoo or hotmail for a free account. That way, you can keep your email forever as long as you keep on accessing it. And I think, it's not that difficult to switch from AOL email to another email account. You can notify everybody from your address book that you will be changing your email from now on... Well, I still don't understand why people still pay 2 internet providers at the same time. Probably AOL has doped or hypnotized them to be with AOL forever... LOL And don't be deceived when you cancel AOL. It says from their website that it's easy to cancel and if you sign up, there's no contract and you can cancel anytime.... YOU CAN CANCEL ANYTIME... YES, THAT'S TRUE... BUT THEY WILL GIVE YOU A NIGHTMARE BEFORE THEY CAN CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT ESPECIALLY IF YOU SETUP A SECONDARY ACCOUNT. Think about it guys... probably you can share your and our experience to your friends who are still planning to sign up for AOL.. Have a nice day!!
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys. I just only wanted to share how horrible it is to be with AOL as what Tommy says "A O Hell". LOL. Hope we can share this to other people how isn't aware about AOL yet. And there's one thing. if you install any AOL software, it slows down your computer SIGNIFICANTLY. Try uninstalling it and you will notice the processing speed of your computer, it will feel like brand new again.. haha. I saved the audio conversation of DLewis23 to show to another friend of mine who has an AOL account. We tried to convince her that AOL is just a piece of crap. But she is a die hard fan of AOL coz she has it for almost 10 years now. She only has dial up but still paying about 25 bucks a month. LOL. And hope that If we can convince her to cancel her account, I would love to record itand share it with you guys... But one thing though, I don't know how to record the phone conversation into the computer unless if I have a tape recorder or something that will record their conversation through speaker phone. Any ideas on how to do it? (Gosh, I am so bad and very anti AOL, LOL)
  5. Well, I can't dispute on this one coz it happened to my friend exactly the same way. I was listening to the phone while he was talking to the customer service of AOL and she was trying to convince my friend not to cancel the account. And even if my friend will cancel the account, and his sons will access (which is just the secondary account), the primary account will automatically reactivated. HOW THE HELL CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE??? If you are the primary account, and once you cancel it, the secondary account should have no authority to reactivate it. THAT'S HOW STUPID AND IDIOTIC THE SERVICE OF AOL.. And AOL is trying to advertise their "HIGH SPEED CONNECTION", DON'T BE DECEIVED BY THIS ADVERTISEMENT, it is not true that they have a high speed connection. Their what they call "high speed connection" is only good if you have an existing broadband (DSL or cable modem) internet.But they still have the balls to charge you more than $10 bucks for their service. What the heck is their service if you already have an existing internet connection??? check out this webpage where they advertise their AOL HIGH SPEED for as low as $25.90 a month. Check for the details especially on the part which says "Now get AOL High Speed - it's not just faster dial-up, - it's true broadband - powered by a DSL or Cable connection. There, from the statement "...powered by a DSL or Cable connection", you MUST have an existing high speed internet for the "AOL HIGH SPEED INTERNET" to work. Isn't this ridiculous??? Judge it for yourself.
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