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  1. Hey Mudmanc4 thanks for replying I really appreciate someone taking notice. I chatted with cin bell tech support and the 1st thing he had me do was run a speed test through them which showed a speed of 15 Mbps wireless but I also ran a test here right after which showed a speed of 2.98 Mbps. I showed him both results. He said that's going to New York. I then explained to him what I read on here about providers using there own speed test and they're not accurate. He said they are not responsible for slow modems between here and New York. He then got on my router and notified me that there is indeed an issue with my line and is sending a tech Friday. Is there anything I should know or be prepared for when he is here as far as making sure things are done right? Again, thanks for your time.
  2. I found another ZyXel router in my storage and hooked it up. Went directly to speed test and got these results. The 9 Mbps is a multithread. But that 14 is alot better. I dont want to get my hopes up though because ive seen 14 Mbps on the other router 1 or 2 times but was usually below 5Mbps. I will keep testing it. By the way these speed tests are being conducted via wireless
  3. Im so frustrated. I have been researching router setups and everything for days now. This is Cincinnati Bells Fioptic 30 Mbps package. Everyone is sleeping and Wi-Fi on ALL devices is turned off. The only wifi connection to the router is this dell laptop. There are 3 ethernet connections which are set top/cable boxes. Supplied router is ZyXel VMG4381-B10A. Checked ZyXl website for firmware upgrade and I cant even find this model. there is a VMG4380 but not 4381. Current Firmware Version: 1.00(AAPU.4)C0 Some advice would be gratly appreciated before I call them and get the run around. https://testmy.net/w0UXLTIyN.png https://testmy.net/quickstats/IrishKing
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