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  1. Expat With Brazil Net

    Yeah still coming out slow this is so frustrating. Not sure who to trust. I don't have any issues with anything else. Downloads are always faster then this, i play online RPGs and Games with 0 issue. The first was a combined test the second was a multithread test to the Sao Paulo sever. That was the Speedtest seconds after. I can understand if there was some sort of close variance but this isnt even close. Now i have no faith lol. What else should I do?
  2. Expat With Brazil Net

    Hmm I really appreciate this but oddly I am still getting around 4/9mb and speedtest gives me 27/20 today.
  3. Expat With Brazil Net

    Yes i did notice that. I was looking all over as to where I can change the server and did not see a way to do so! Thanks for reminder. Sadly east coast US is closest to me I think So what i did was change speedtest to a NY server too and the numbers were KINDA in line. Speed test was saying 7up/5 down so i think ill chalk it up to distance.
  4. Expat With Brazil Net

    Hello All, I am concerned about my internet. I have been living here for over 2 years now and have no problem with my provider LIVE TIM. However, I have had issues with certain functions when I work from home. My job shows issues with my connection to a voice over phone system. I also stream to Twitch.Tv video games sometime and notice some slowness...my speedtest.net always shows a range of 20-30MBS Download and 15-20ish UPLOAD. However, anytime I used testmy.net i NEVER break 5mb up or down. What do I trust? What can I do to improve?! What detailed tests should I do to show the proof to my ISP? Thanks for the help in advance. For everyday browsing I never feel a slowdown for downloading or browsing. Its just very specific items such as Streaming, sometimes my PS4 connection is slow wired and wireless etc. No matter when i test though these results are always the same.
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