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  1. The speed reading inside th modem

    It's a Quest PK5000 from Centurylink. The best I can get is about 5.0 internet speed. The area is approved for up to 10 DSL speed they say, but I'm programmed by Centurylink to 5.888. I'm so-called set at a 6.0. My problem is the speed is not constant and drops down to .9 sometimes. Right now I'm getting a 4.8 speed which I can live with since we live in the country where we want to live. I'm not looking to run at 20-30Kbs, just enough and constant enough for the my wife and myself to use two separate PC's at the same time. My question is sometimes when the speed drops I check the connections results inside the Quest modem at random times just to keep up with Centurylink's actions. Usually the connection results inside the modem is 5.888 which Centurylink says I'm programmed at, and I get a speedtest.net results at between 4.8-5.1kbs and that's OK with me. When I notice the internet seems slow I go to speedtest.net and they say I''m downloading at a rate of only 2.49. Then I go inside the modem to get the connection results and it's says I'm connecting at 3.232kbs. My main question is, Is the connection results reading inside the modem, the internet speed Centurylink is sending at that moment? I'm not asking for my download speed, I'm asking about the connection results inside the modem. Thanks
  2. There are speed reading when you look inside the modem that I'm trying to understand. Last week the reading were 5.888/576 tonight they are 4.928/576 Doing a modem status test is different than a speedtest online. Where do the modem ststus test come from? Is that the speed leaving the internet provider?
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