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  1. hi again thank you tommie here is really great place a qustion came to me why my upload speed is ok but my download speed droped this much?
  2. hi really thanks bro for very quick reply so you belive that the problem lies with my isp? cause i was not sure about so now i can call them and bring them to their senses :evil6:
  3. hi first thank for your great forum i have learnt much from here i have some seriuos problem with my adsl i use 256/256 connection , not high but enuogh for me it is about three days that my connection has become really slow even opening pages is suffer. my connection was not that bad in fact sometimes ok my download 27 kb/s and some times really bad my download speed has reached 2 or 3 kb/s i have read all the guides here but none worked i have reinstalled win xp sp 2 check system with norton , mcafee . kaspersky , and spyware programs nothing found try cycling off router rei
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