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  1. read from www broadbandoverpowerlines. blogspot. com/ EU endorses OPERA 2 international standardization activities for Powerline Communications Proposal submitted to IEEE. OPERA Project work receives EU top score for excellence Madrid, 18th July 2007 - The OPERA 2 Consortium today announced that the European Commission has endorsed Opera 2 activities to develop a new generation PLC access standard. In a recent Review Meeting that took place in Lisbon to evaluate the work undertaken to date by the 26-partner consortium to promote the adoption of low cost, high performance br
  2. Glad to hear that there`s an upcoming Broadband on Power Line (BPL) Conference on September 2007 !!! here: http://broadbandoverpowerlines.blogspot.com/2007/07/comptel-supports-uplc-annual-conference.html http://uplc.utc.org/page/102510/
  3. Got Broadband internet access? Skype now offers $14.95 ONLY PER YEAR--- UNLIMITED calls from PC-TO-ANY U.S. PHONES/CELLPHONES !!! This is great for VOIP USERS !!! Source: (http://broadbandoverpowerlines.blogspot.com)
  4. The only FASTER UPLOAD broadband web access i knew, is thru BROADBAND POWERLINE or BPL. The speed is the same upload and download. Check from this source: (http://broadbandoverpowerlines.blogspot.com) Current Communications BPL offers Symmetrical fast upload and download internet access via Powerlines: (http://broadbandoverpowerlines.blogspot.com/2006/12/current-communications-bpl-offers.html) Hopefully, your Electric Power utility company will offer this service in the now.
  5. The only FASTER UPLOAD broadband web access i knew, is thru BROADBAND POWERLINE or BPL. The speed is the same upload and download. Check from this source: (http://broadbandoverpowerlines.blogspot.com) Hopefully, your utility company will offer this service in the nearest future.
  6. Broadband Over Powerline 2006 Unleashing the full potential of Broadband Over Powerline for your business: core applications, commercialized broadband and the logistics of a large-scale deployment July 25 - 26, 2006
  7. http://broadbandoverpowerlines.blogspot.com/ IQPC`s 3rd BROADBAND over POWERLINE Conference 2006 in the United States 2 site visits: CenterPoint Energy, Houston & CURRENT's BPL Demo House, Dallas !!!! BPL Site Visit
  8. Google's Major Investments Hint Search Giant Might Become ISP !!!! read: BY BRIAN DEAGON INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY Posted 7/7/2006 One day you might be able to tell your phone or cable company to cancel all services because you have a new provider
  9. Broadband Over Powerline: An 'electric' new player in the living room wars Toronto, Canada MARY KIRWAN Specia to Globe and Mail Update POSTED AT 5:16 PM EDT ON 05/07/06 pls. read more http://broadbandoverpowerlines.blogspot.com/
  10. http://www.uplc.utc.org/file_depot/0-10000000/0-10000/7966/folder/23284/UPLC_broadband.ram here`s the right link !!!
  11. http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?ei=UTF-8&p=BROADBAND+over+POWER+LINE&b=9&oid=5937717bf4b7a04c&rurl=www.uplc.utc.org&vdone=http%3A%2F%2Fvideo.yahoo.com%2Fvideo%2Fsearch%3Fei%3DUTF-8%26p%3DBROADBAND%2Bover%2BPOWER%2BLINE&vback=Results Nice video from Yahoo !!!
  12. Earthlink plans to offer BROADBAND OVER POWER LINES too: http://www.earthlinkconed.net/index.html EarthLink Rolls Out Wi-Fi Network by Wendy Davis, Monday, Jul 3, 2006 6:00 AM ET AS PART OF ITS EFFORTS to grow market share in the wireless sector, Internet service provider EarthLink last week began rolling out a major Wi-Fi network in Anaheim, Calif. EarthLink also is building similar Wi-Fi networks in New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Milpitas, Calif. EarthLink also recently partnered with Google to submit a winning bid to provide free Wi-Fi to San Francisco. The Google-Ea
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