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  1. hows this https://testmy.net/stats/id-KH543LRSQ
  2. everyone is doing it. I say a netzero comercial the other day where you get free aol also. But aol is free now and everyone is capitalizing on that. Free email and aim.
  3. insight insight dont "lock" modems, some modems dont have internal dhcp servers for internal pages. whats the model number?
  4. you would be able to find out how many people are on your node but not where it ends. that would be a queestion for a service tech
  5. everyone should be transfered over to the sprint network now. the last upgrade i believe was on the 9th
  6. are your speeds the same without the router? bounty1990 although those are pretty good speeds
  7. yes your signals are good the snr should be greater then 25 downnstream power -13 thru +13 upstream power 30 thru 55 These should apply to most cable providors
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