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  1. Yes it is still wrong, should be GMT but showing GMT+1 Firefox I tried clearing the browser testmy.net cookie entries but still the same. Opened avast browser and run test, this was correct on GMT Back to firefox, rerun still in error. Cleared cookies for testmy.net again. This time I had a different message regarding page reloading. Retried the test and now correct GMT time. It was probably the cookies and I just did not clear them correctly the first time.
  2. All looks good now. Thanks
  3. Just ran 2 combined tests. Both Download results are missing. Upload results showing.
  4. I switch from a copper to copper/fibre 36Mbps connection yesterday. I test to London GB as well. I have also noticed that my download tests are running and completing but do not end always up in my test result list. The up tests are all there. Never seen this on the old 6Mbps link.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Yes selecting the results just from a particular server and then exporting does give just the selected test server in the exported file. That solves removing the anomalies if you want just that server. If I wanted to show my ISP test results from different locations I would have to export each server and add in the server location or name the file with evidence. That is all OK for me as I am now sorted with my ISP. But it would still help to be able to show all of the results in one export that showed the test server location and a special identifier if it was a mult
  6. I am experiencing the wrong time on my test results. Since daylight saving in the UK changed at the end of October and timezone returned to GMT all results are still showing +1 hour. The same applies even if I test to Dallas server. See below. Not sure if I have to do something to make it change or is there an issue. I have looked through FAQ and other threads but all advice comments do not appear to work. Thanks
  7. I had been having low speed test results and could not see why. I just identified that on 30th October at 9:40am the test server was switched from London to Dallas. I should have spotted this earlier. However it would be sensible if the exported CSV identified the server that you are testing to. That way sending results to ISP's you can show differences. Plus I can remove anomalies easier. Thanks Peter
  8. Pgoodwin1: MarkV and myself have pressed the suppliers with the facts that prove its not us but they bury their heads in the sand. My complaint is now with the government Ombudsman progressing slowly. MarcV: I now have a free EE 4G mywifi device running my home network. All of the packet loss has gone and I raely get server not available but something is still ocationally dropping/losing connection somewhere, I think its when running a https connection. More testing needed here. The 4G obviously is a far better speed ( 30mb down 14Mb up, as to 7Mb down and 0.2Mb up (which originall
  9. Marc, You are just as frustrated as I am. All working fine then the service declines. My tracert/ping results clearly show the failures in the network. to my gateway device: Note the failures in tracert and ping. Your connection appears to get past the gateway all of the time. My router shows a good line with say 8Mbps down and 0.8Mbps up. Speed Tests show 7Mbps down and 0.2Mbps or less up. this is the Testmy results. When they sent me a 4G MyWiFi unit instant speed uplift and even though over a mobile network errors have gone, no page
  10. I will be getting Fibre when EE/BT can get space in the Street cabinet. I am interested what anyone is using that needs such high speed down/upload? Lots of devices all streaming at once? I am not a high bandwidth user, use BBC iplayer etc for catch up tv, but mainly email and general web surfing and I have for a long time been happy with 6Mb down and 0.8Mb up. EE are swapping me to fibre because they/BT cannot fix the packet loss on my service which has been a nightmare for 3 moths. If the service was still reliable I would not be moving. .
  11. For the last 3 months I have been arguing with my ISP and the cable supplier (copper to the house) that I do not have a cable to the exchange issue, it is data corruption or packet loss further into the network. They have sent 6 engineers over this time ( have had new line to the local cabinet, moved to new port at the exchange but no change), planned to move me to a local fibre connection (but cabinet full), so I finally got a free 4G wifi out of them for this month so at least I now have a temporary reliable service. What the ISP looks at is the Signal Noise Ratio and Line db (up and down) a
  12. Must be challenging to get something that works for all countries. You have detected Andover which is only 70 miles from my actual location but that's 3 counties away and is the other side of London. I would say that in the UK besides the good way in which you are able to identify the ISP we would need to go by Cities and Counties to get more meaningful locations. So this would depend on either post codes or users identifying counties or as you say geo locations and a radius from your point if that would work. Happy to stay in the loop on this as I do have another suggestion on the speedtest r
  13. Thank you for listening to my suggestion. 100 miles covers a lot of areas (population) in the uk but I appreciate trying to get a smaller area/more granularity on geographical locations may increase data and search performance. In the UK the Postal Code would narrow it down much more. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postcodes_in_the_United_Kingdom Postal codes may not be easy to use as countries vary. Regards
  14. It would help if when joining members had to enter more postal details on location so that it is possible to search and group on the area where I live. My location on Testmy.net is taken as Andover, Hampshire, GB(UK) but I live a long way off in Welwyn, Hertfordshire. So any grouping of speed tests in my area is impossible as you only appear to group by the ISP. I know that my problems are upload related and probably between the exchange and the ISP so grouping results at the location where the ISP links to the network does not help me with identifying users in my area who I would li
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