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  1. Hi everybody!! Here is the thing, my ISP is supposed to give me a 1024 Kbps service but from a couple of tests I ran between yesterday and today (besides I can see downloading webpages is very slow), I´m pretty sure I´m not getting what I´m paying for. I need to gather some evidence before I make any complains, that´s why I need a plan. Can anyone suggest me a sequence of tests I can run? I mean what tests, how many, for how long, so I can gather enough evidence before I meet my ISP´s tech team. Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone!! I´m ed_1960 and I´m a newcomer. I wanted to join this community because in the past I´ve had quite a few problems with different ISPs. Many of them claim internet speed connections that are not true. By joining this community I hope to learn how internet connections are measured and how to track them, so I´ll have a tool I can use and trust next time I feel I´m not getting the INTERNET speed I´m paying for. Also, I´d like to get to know some other people who I can share information with in order to enrich my little knowledge of INTERNET connections as a whole.
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