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  1. I mean, dont take me wrong if I want something and its available here or EU I ll buy it.. I do that all the time on ebay, but what about when you cant??? if its not covered by the EU laws is there a problem??? did you see the opening of The Last Samurai or the Matrix in Japan... they where people actually with cameras at theatre... I m not downloading movies, or games I can get here or programs I can get here or in EU, I just like to find stuff i cant get within my laws if thats a problem then Onelink has a problem...
  2. Im legal, but where can you find an anime that hasnt got here? and its not yet distributable in EU? where can you get series in spanish when they are not transmited here in puerto rico? when can you find games in japanese that wont ever get to EU.??? everything else I can get dude... when you pay $ 75 its because you can pay it... no estoy en el pulguero vendiendo peliculas.. jajaja I just like to get things I can find anywhere else and that incidently most of them are not afected by the copyright laws because they are not even on a country affected by it...
  3. as per one of the replies no... im not an idiot... if I tell them I have a p2p they flag me... but I called complaining about online gaming and some other stuff.. good option about the dmax Ive been contemplating trying that one... $75 to $89 is nothing as long as its working correctly... Ive been working trying some high ports and onelink has most of them blocked but have been getting at least a 117k with low ports Im ending my contract with them as soon as I get word from dmax to get the extreme package, goverment is clearly not an option as per emails I got from DACO today again and a call from the FCC guys, and they told me actually FCC has a list on material that you can download. and theres some holes in the system like language and availability of the content where you are... even self use as long as you are not distributing, theres a lawyer firm in spain working with those cases, I ll give you the link later on... they ve got some people out of trouble with copyright laws using those arguments... one question, has some of you heard about Usenext? is that viable, ? does it work? thanks for all your replies...
  4. well Im just looking for suggestions on what to do... I live in the same puerto rico where you live dude!! I know thing are really bad but I beleive in democracy and fairness.. I know the goverment here sucks but Im looking for a solution for the internet problem not the goverment, I just spoke to a onelink representative and got one of my modems blocked with pending service till next week review by them just for pushing them to actually tell me whats wrong and the supervisor actually said to me they are going to keep slowing down and blocking p2p ports until it reaches 0.
  5. Hi, Ive been a customer of onelink since they were Adelphia in the beginning and I have to say their internet service has problems... the question is what to do in this case, well people... I went the extra mile, I went to DACO, I went to the FCC also, and they cant to anything about it, only hope we have is strength in numbers, we need to make a group with hundreds of signatures and give it to DACO and the FCC in order to make the goverment stop this nonsense, they are not providing the service they charge and the only choice they give you is to suck it up or go somewhere else, and thats not the deal. Im ready to do anything about it, signatures, court, whatever, I just want my fast internet back and no throttling, no udp port blocking no slow and choppy online gaming and no 22 hops to get to a server thats supposed to be getting payed by us, so it should be a good and well established server...why pay $55,$75 dollars just for web browsing that doesnt always work fast and email checking,,, guys... thats dial up stuff not cable up to 3mb speed stuff...lets be real... please give me suggestions, lets start a getting signatures, getting legal advice, cause I think this has to stop...
  6. yes indeed people they are using throttling and blockng udp ports but they instructed their employees " allegedly " just to inform customers only that their service is online and to hide behind their best excuse.. they dont guarantee the speed, Ive spoken with DACO and FCC and they say they have no power to regulate cases involving internet speeds or cable tv signals... so what do we do people.??? what do we do??
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