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  1. Download and speed Pausing/Hanging

    Hi all, Thanks for all the suggestions. I performed a fresh install of windows 10 and that seems to have cleared the problem. 2.5Mb steady speed with 18% middle variance now. Cheers
  2. Download and speed Pausing/Hanging

    Hi there, Same issue with different browser (196% middle variance) I have also bought a USB 2.0 to Ethernet adaptor to test if it was the on-board Ethernet adaptor on the PC - Same issue (189% middle variance) I have also cleared CMOS and updated chip set drivers - no change.
  3. Hello all, (First post so apologies if in wrong section or not in correct format) I have an issue with downloads (including testmy.net tests) on my new computer. When I plug my laptop into my router (wired connection) and run a download test on testmy.net, I get a result of: 2.35Mbps (Minimum :: 2.35 Mbps | Middle :: 2.48 Mbps | Maximum :: 3.32 Mbps - my connection is slow so that is right) Middle variance: 15% The test goes up to a 4.6MB size test However, when I plug my new computer in (same cable to same port on router) and run a download test on testmy.net, I get a result of: 40 Kbps Midle variance 199% The test either ends at 256KB or goes to 1.3MB When observing the test bar (blue percentage bar when you run a testmy.net download test), the laptop % increases at the same rate more or less throughout the test.I've tried the same test with my mobile and it performs as per the laptop. When observing the test on the new desktop, it gets to between 40-50% quickly, then hangs for up to 10 secs then slowly or in jumps completes the rest of the test. This mirrors what happens when I try to download something/play games/watch youtube videos etc. (downloads, hangs, resumes, hangs etc.) What I've tried so far: Have updated Mobo bios Have updated ethernet controller drivers Have updated router firmware and reset router Currently running Memtest to see if there are any errors there - So far: 1 pass complete no erors Any suggestions on fixes or alternate diagnostics would be gratefully received. http://testmy.net/compID/744093452813
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