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  1. New here and honestly not to smart on computers. We just got hooked up to a Wireless service ( Valley Electric) and on his lap top he was showing 23.4 download and upload. I was with AT&T before and he was saying they run about 3 up & Down. I had an old router Belkin N300 in the drawer (6 years old and not used) and when I run a speed test here I'm between 8-13.5 Download. I spend some time last night running updates on everything (17 Drivers) and this morning still at 11.5 download. W as at Walmart last night it looks look I've got the bottom of the barrel as far as routers (29.00) and noticed a lot of them advertizing 8x and 16X speed improvement. Then on a review I was reading several people were saying the speed is good on some when wireless but not when wired. Just looking for some honest input as I'm willing to spend the money but would like to spend it wisely. Running Windows 7, just download Google Chrome, and have an HP (old probably 7 yrs old) Any help or advise would be appreciated.
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