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  1. Tried with both windows 7 and 10 machines, both presented the same network performance. OS plays no role in this domain, sorry to burst your bubble
  2. I'll be putting your theory to the test today Sunil.
  3. Hi Guys, Just got off the phone with my NBN provider and explained the sporadic speeds issue especially during the peak hours. Explained that I use this site and how accurate the tests are. The provider said NBN Co. will ONLY accept speedtest.net as a source and I need to provide poor speed results for them to escalate the issue. Thoughts on this?
  4. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Worst interest speeds on the planet.
  5. P.S. Mods you can close this post, the time must be set by the ISP and it's wrong. Did the same test with another provider and it worked fine.
  6. Hi Community! So I thought I better introduce myself, I'm a network engineer by trade so know completely well the frustrations of a slow performing WAN connection. So now experiencing it myself with my ISP I can totally understand and share these emotions. I'm with a small company called 'Tangerine Telecom' who use iPrimus. Now this was my fault in judgement because I should have done more research before signing however they were reviewed well; http://www.productreview.com.au/p/tangerine-telecom.html Anyway to cut a long story short, was get
  7. Hi Community, Love the site, almost ready to drop my ISP on principle tomorrow after heavily inaccurate tests. I want to use this site as ammunition however I'm in Melbourne, Vic, Aus however the speed tests for my ISP are 17 hours behind. i.e. its 10am here, and it tests as 5pm the previous day. Anything I can do? Using firefox and chrome. same deal.
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