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    Hello there,
    Given a recent networking problem on my networking setup, I've decided to write a simple CLI client for testmynet. I know, we can test download speeds using wget, but a proper client good have some nice goodies such as:
    - Keeping the internal list of servers.
    - Choosing the closest server by latency.
    - Choosing a random server.
    - Being a collectd plugin (my main motivation).
    Before I embark on this (admittedly short) journey, I have a few basic questions:
    - Is there anything similar out there? I couldn't find it.
    - Anyone would be interested in such a tool? I find the collectd integration super useful.
    - Is there any limit on how many times I can query a server before being blacklisted? I do not want to cause problems for TMN. The idea is to use the /dl-XXXXX URL to download a fixed amount of data.
    Thanks in advance.
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