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  1. Thanks, Well i have 2 sbv5120 cable modems with service, one mine the other my brothers but they both have the same ip (no idea) but i pay 44.95 for each so i know there 2 serperate lines of service but there on sererate floors so i wanna know before i move a bunch of stuff arround.
  2. i have ool, got cablevision to run a direct line off the pole last week and now without boost get 13-24mbps 24 being peak, so call and anoy them on the daily basis til they offer a free service call and get a drirect line
  3. I have 2 cable modems @ 15mbps each, and 2 network adapters if i hook them both up at the same time to same pc, would they work together and give me double internet,download speed @ 30mbps
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