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  1. Thanks for your replies. Verizon currently is the only broadband provider in my area <AMLI on frankford, Dallas TX>, so the only other option I have is to go with regular Verizon DSL service. So far the connection with "regular Verizon DSL" is great. I'd suggest everyone in my area to go with them instead.
  2. I signed up for Verizon Avenue DSL 3 weeks ago, and cancelled it yesterday, there is no way in hell I'm going back. I have experienced huge rate of package loss since the first day of the DSL is activated, so I called and had a tech came over to check my network, he told me Verizon Avenue is doing upgrade on my apartment complex and thats the reason for the sluggish service, he has been getting a lot of calls from this complex. However, every phone support I spoke to will still not acknowledge there's any problem on their end, and they continue to tell me to reset my modem, and do a virus scan. Also everytime I call Verizon Avenue DSL, they will give me different stories of why I am experiencing problem with my network, basically do anything to get off the phone. Here's some quotes from the phone support, just to show how poorly trained and irresponsible they are: "What is package loss?" "I'm surprised you are able to do the ping test at all, cause pings are disabled on our network." "You are playing 3 counter strike on-line at the same time? Sir, I think that's why you were laggy" (my connection is 1.5m down 0.5m up) "I believe its your router's problem, call your router's support instead." (This is after I had the tech came over...) "I don't know what trace route is for, but I can tell you that we would not use ping tests result as an evidence."
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