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  1. I sold my dish on ebay and am no longer with direcway, thank goodness, so i don't need help anymore.
  2. Let's see $600 for equipment and $60 per month for service (yeah right service my butt) for 15 months. I made $389 off of ebay and had to pay $130 for shipping. So DirecWay cost me about $1240 total. What a RIP OFF!!!
  3. My new internet service is through a local company called light link broadband, It is a wirless system that has access points around town. So I still will have a dish on my house, but it will actually provide internet service at a bearable speed (5MBPS)!!! And the best part is, it's a family owned company, and THEY DON"T HAVE TECHNICAL SUPPORT IN INDIA!!!!!
  4. I would just like to tell everybody That I sold my DirecWay dish on ebay. And that I have canceled my DirecWay account. I am getting a 5Mbps line pumped into my house. I am finally DONE WITH Direcway!!!!! If you ever consider purchasing direcway DON"T It is a horrible serivce and your just asking for trouble!!! Well I am going to go enjoy my wonderful 5Mbps of broadband!!! See yah later suckers!!! -jeffaroonyo24
  5. I have Direcway 6000 and I hate it. I have my Apple computers networked with an Airport Extreme Base station. I have 3 computers running on my network: an iMac G4 20", an iMac G5 20", and an eMac. The iMac G4 20" is the main computer where I do all of the networking from. My speed is around 1kbps-200kbps max on a really good day. I have spent countless hours on the phone with the freaks from India who can't speak English and they always tell me to unplug my modem from the base station, plug it into my iMac G4 20". They try to fix it with a bunch of weird proxy settings that seem to screw it up even more. And then they tell me I am good to go. Anyway can anyone help me make my internet faster with my current configuration?
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