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  1. Speed test wrong?

    Great to hear, Cheers to the owner!
  2. Speed test wrong?

    Just ran a few test and it seems to be back normal? Tried a few on the NY server w/out my VPN and the results were back to where they were previously.
  3. Speed test wrong?

    25/5 i believe, even though i'm Performance Pro plan. Guess my area hasn't been upgraded. Most of my tests gave been on desktop/LAN and a few from my phone/wi-fi. IPV6 does seem to be the issue for me too because when i use a VPN to NYC i get normal'ish speeds since my VPN doesn't support IPV6.
  4. Speed test wrong?

    Interesting, also on Comcast and in MA, South Shore to be specific. I'd share s screen grab but i've basically cancelled all tests since it started happening because they take too long.
  5. Speed test wrong?

    Having the same issue here, just started happening recently - maybe a month(?). Speeds are very slow and inconsistent compared to what the used to be. NY test server btw. Other speed test sites are performing normally for me so i know it's not on my end.
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