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  1. 30 minutes ago, mudmanc4 said:

    Actually this is the exact reason for various testing sites, it is performing precisely as intended. Showing you where the issue is.


    There is a routing issue between your ISP, and the New York test server, likely due to the fact the ISP has changed their schema to IPV6 on your modem, and they are likely working out new routes for this block. Of course you could have gotten bumped to a different ISP level network for various other reasons as well.


    Therefore the tool is doing it's job, letting you know your connection is not proper from the ISP, to the New York area, yet proper to Florida.


    See, if a site has a CDN (Content Delivery Network) you will not notice pageload issues, considering you will pull from the available resource in line, on the other hand, if a site is not static (like a blog) and is in the New York area, you will load slowly, if at all. If the 'blog' is located in Florida, and not on any CDN, then you'll load quickly. Testmy.net is a tool not just to check for throughput, or what speeds you are paying for, but for geographical connectivity as well.

    I think I see roughly what you're saying, what other sites do you recommend to test on as well?

  2. 2 minutes ago, mudmanc4 said:

    The results to the new york server are due to ISP issues, nothing we can do about that, I'm sure they will get it right when they are capable of doing so.


    That said, testing to various geographical area's is the best way to ascertain how your ISP is conducting their peering (how they transfer your data over networks they do not own)


    Therefore never stick to just one test server for any reason other than local connectivity issues (intrastate or ISP to your desktop connectivity)

    So best results would be testing multiple sites and each one in a different region? I dont feel like TMN is being very accurate for me, especially for the NY server.

  3. 2 minutes ago, mudmanc4 said:

    No, I don't think so.

    This is about routing, it appears considering the IPV6 change, your route has also changed.


    The IP detection (not showing the provider) is simply due to the IP database not currently in the database here, which would have no bearing on your route to here.


    Test to other testmy.net/mirror s and see what changes.

    Okay, I tried the FL one: https://testmy.net/db/mg3b9Vdsq

    I also did other tests: Ookla Beta - Xfinity - Speed Of Me


    I know the Xfinity one would be biased, but comparing it to the other ones, it seems correct.

  4. I started using this site earlier this year and got really consistent results, I occasionally check my speed to make sure my ISP isn't screwing me over, however, now I've been having REALLY low download speed test. I went from a consistent 200-230 Mbps to under 1 Mbps, but all other sites have not changed my speed.

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