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  1. Is this reason enough to complain to my ISP....

    I think you are meaning to show Mbps. I am a very unhappy Hughesnet user and I have only been getting about 500 kbps this year. They finally sent a tech (no charge to me) who tested, retuned, and went on the roof and adjusted the dish and could not get it any faster. They finally blamed it on traffic and overloads to their system as they worked to bring up Gen 5. They promised it would be better by the end of July. It is now September and it is not any better. They gave me a discount of $20 dollars for May, and no charge for June and July. S[eedtest sites are all over the proverbial map. This site claims that I am getting far better speeds and that is NOT substantiated by my actual experience! Speedtest.net is much closer to reality, as are speed of me and bandwidthplace. The Hughesnet speed test is consistently showing my speed at 300 to 500 kbps. Like you, I am rural and do not have anywhere else to go, as reviews of Exede are the same as for hughs.
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