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  1. I dont mind if its prebuilt with the mobo case and such. I also don't mind if i get the pieces separately and build my self. 

    I would be using the PC for Internet, Office, video editing , some games, nothing serious. I usually buy from Dell, because they have good deals when even  have money. But they lack options that i want ,only 4 SATA ports and ugly cases.....something like this i guess http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4692745&CatId=3508 i have 2 320 Gb drive , 1 500Gb and a SATA DVD RW. And it runs Hot. I do Have extra fans on it too.

    Plus i would like to just build one for my self for once.


  2. If you mean are the files going to be stored on my machine then yes, it will be my everyday PC. I dont even think it will be up 24 hours. it will be on when i need to send something.

    I dont even think anyone else will have access to it but me. All i want to do is have a way to move some stuff to other PC, and dont want to user DVD or USB drives.

    Like pics to Moms PC and some videos to friends and stuff.



  3. Does anybody know of a good (FREE) FTP program that is also easy to use. I mainly want to use it to move Pics , small programs and such.

    If any one knows of one and maybe even a video or tutorial to set up that would be great.



  4. Hello, I have a JVC HDD video cam that my boys like to take around the house and shot video with.

    Every time you hit stop or pause it makes a new file in the camera.

    So now I have Alot of little files that i would like to join together.

    Now when the camera makes the file it tags it with a .MOD extension.

    What I've done is change the ext. to .avi so that i am able to watch them.

    Now my question is what program can i use to join the files together, like windows movie maker or something like that.

    What error i get is it says no not codec for supported file or something. Is there anything out there that i can use...

    Thanks  383

  5. Darik's Boot and Nuke ("DBAN") is a self-contained boot disk that securely wipes the hard disks of most computers. DBAN will automatically and completely delete the contents of any hard disk that it can detect, which makes it an appropriate utility for bulk or emergency data destruction.

    I would try it but DBAN still needs to detect it. and thats where I am at..... It cant be detect under anything....The only change i had was when using the UltimateBootCD  now it states no MBR with that drive so maybe i ersed completly but have no way to restore the MBR


  6. Ya i know thanks anyway... Went to staples looking for Verbatim or Sony DVD DL and found a Seagate 1TB drive for 100 bucks..

    not bad i Guess.

    That just means i lose 1TB of crap versus 500Gigs


    Thanks again guys

  7. I've tried even possible thing i can think of.

    Run every possible thing in Acronis and made a bootable cd from them and tried every thing in that too.

    Hate to say it but unless anyone else has any thing i might have to give up :sad3:

  8. Correct

    I have one WD 320G HDD that has my OS.

    I have a second WD 320G HDD that is just used for space.

    I have a third WD 500G HDD also used for space.

    Now when the 500G HDD is plugged in the SATA cable, the machine freezes during start up.

    I get a blinking white box or cursor in theupper left hand corner.If left to set long enough it will say something like no MBR or boot partion or something.

    The BIOS settings are correct for the way i need to boot.

    The only way i have been able to boot the machine is with the disc Zal linked.

    And when it does it does not even appear in there too.

    I have tried cable plugs everything that i can think of.

    Even with windows XP Install CD in it freezes at the very end everytime.

    Now when i say it spins, I can physically feel the rotational force the platters creat in the drive and it seems i can hear the heads moving back and forth. I even feel when it stops spinning.

    BIOS doesn't see it.

    Dont know what to do now..,

    Have an RMA but will try ANYTHING to get the data or at least what is on there to start to replace ...

    And Mud this is NOT the Machine dual booting OS X, that's the wife's box.

    Tried hot swapping in another Shuttle box and it will not show up there, but if i do the same with another working seagate, it appears like it should

  9. Yes warranty left till 2011 but they didn't say anything about data recovery....

    Just to check the prices out the Geek Squad want 59 to look at it and 259 starting price wow....

    Edit i was able to get that linux cd going and used the GUI  and nothing seen both other drives but not this one

  10. Thanks for all the help...

    Call WD and i am going to RMA it but still the DATA

    I have tried the hotswapping thing and it will not do it on this drive

    Thanks again still going to try some other things still.


  11. OK i will try this and more info though..

    It does spin and it feels like ...if you hold it loosely in your hand it seems to turn or twist ever so slightly. you cant see it but only fell it.

    Maybe when the motor actually starts or stops spinning


    Edit tried this in another PC and same thing happens

  12. Heres whats happening, i have two WD 320G HDDs. One is a boot drive and the other is a data drive.

    I also have another WD 500G Hdd that is also for data. All drives are SATA.

    When my 500G is plugged in, XP will not boot, it goes through BIOS then it hangs on start up after that.

    It will not even go to Windows, it just blinks a little white dot.

    I tried trying to boot from a install XP CD and it goes through loading everything and the when it states starting windows i get a Blue screen.

    At the bare minimum, I need to recovery the data some how.....Help

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