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  1. Update 2: Spoke with the techs at Sans Digital (the Raid unit), and it turns out that not all eSata chipsets function with all eSata devices (everything is too new, apparently), so I purchased a card from them directly, one they know is compatible. Suppose I should have done that from square one, but, hey, things are supposed to work together. We'll see what happens when the new card arrives! JimmyD
  2. Update: Ok, solved one issue. I can now access and use the Raid drive via the USB connection. It was a drive letter assignment issue. However, I still cannot use the eSata connection. Computer doesn't see the drive. Computer sees the eSata hardware, but when connected it doesn't see a drive. The point of having the Raid unit is to access it via eSata, because USB is slow. So, help still wanted on this issue!
  3. I'm running Windows XP media center edition. The eSata card came with just a driver and the Raid unit came with software that allows me to monitor the disks/status, rebuild databases and that sort. Connected by eSata my computer detects nothing. Connected by USB the computer detects it, but I have no icons, no drive access letters appear. So far all I can do is look at the drive status via the monitor software, but I cannot access any read/write functions. JimmyD
  4. Ok, let's see what the networked brains can come up with on this one - I've got a Gateway GT4016 and I just installed a JMicron JMB360 PCI-Express to Sata II controller card - this gives me an external eSata port. Installed the driver. Computer recognizes the card, says it's working. So, I connect my SansDigital Raid unit via the eSata cable and - nothing. Computer doesn't see the drive. So, I connect the SansDigital unit via USB, the computer recognizes the drive. Is there something I need to do to initialize this eSata card? The computer knows it's there. If I unplug the eSata cable the SansDigital unit lets me know it's being connected and disconnected, but the computer sees nothing. Ideas?
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