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  1. found a way to fix it all....got rid of crappy ughes net and its running fine now...thanks for everyones help!
  2. As far as I know....Hughes and the local phone company are the only options I got....by wireless provider you mean like who??? Im new at all of this, I know what I have to LOL Any suggested companies would be greatly appreciated!!!
  3. ok for some reason i cant get the results of my download speed test or upload either actually..... so heres what i could come up with....apparently my up is ok but down isnt too good....but still, thats showing that its at 81% of the host average, so basically its not going to get much better than it is right??!! BT is my main thing here, and if thats gonna suck like this all the time, i might as well go back to dial-up.....atleast they dont have a FAP. Im LOST!!!! Overall Diagnosis compared to :direcpc.com
  4. So I should just try and send the crap back before my 30 days is up right???!!!! HaHa Seems like I might should have researched HughesNet before installing it. In the sticks of NC theres not many DSL options. Its this or Dial-Up basically, but since dialup is WAAAAY cheaper, I guess its the only other option I got!!!! : (
  5. ok so heres the deal.......ive tried everything i know how to do. To reply to a ? posted earlier....when I download off the internet, like a video or file....it says 143kb/s....is that Bits or Bytes? Is that what its supposed to be?? Thats like the max connection, usually around 100kb/s. Ive tweaked all the settings in my BT client (az) and ran the TCP Optimizer. That didnt do anything. But I tried to go to IPconfig....got my IP address.....punched it in address bar.....page not found. When I go to hughes net control center website- its saying my NAT IP address is different than what it says a
  6. Yes I am using BT...thats where the NAT Firewall problem is coming from. Maybe Hughes is blocked when it comes to BT?? And thanks for the welcome: ) Yes they advertise 750-1000 kbps....is that what Im getting???? Im confused LOL
  7. .......Hello. This is my first post here and I am not happy. I had HughesNet installed at my house yesterday. I initially signed up for it because of the download speeds its salespeople boast about. Boy, what false advertising. I have tweaked everything I can, or know how to......ports, ip's...blah blah blah. Used the Optimizer from HewesNet.com. Im not an expert on computers, and certainly not on Satelite Internet Service. I have a DW7000, and I cannot get a decent speed for nothing. I am at work right now, so I cannot post speed results, but will do so later. In downloading.....I am getting
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