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  1. Right, seems like I'm getting the speeds I pay for then, Thanks for clearing that out.
  2. Hey, Thanks for replying so fast. I will try to go through all those tabs and test some more. The distance between those servers is around 560Km(around 350 Miles). How much exactly is a significant difference in say a 100 Mbps connection? Most times I test my speed from both the sites there's on an average 20-25Mbps difference.
  3. Hello! I'm from India and I pay for a 100Mbps connection but my results here show that at most I'm getting 70-80 Mbps. When the ISP was notified they told me that "all of our competitors rely on Speedtest by Ookla and we cannot guarantee the results from any other sites as they may block your traffic or not provide a neutral pathway", is that true? Wouldn't only ping vary in that case if suppose I'm connecting to distant servers? I've attached both the results below. testmynet result:
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