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  1. Confused by three test results

    Okay, after looking more closely at the results I think I've realized my problem here. Speedtest and Testmy are measuring my speed in Mbps (Megabits per second). While Fast.com is measuring in MBps (MegaBytes per second). And so in fact the landlords are actually providing me with 1.5 Mega Byte download speed rather than 10 Mega Bytes as they told me.
  2. My internet provider is supposedly supplying me with 10MBps internet download speed, and 1MBps upload speed. Howerver, I know for a fact that's not what I'm getting. The internet behaviour has been very intermittent in our flat. I'm sharing the internet with my wife. She usually has TV shows streaming on our smart TV at 480p from an asian TV website (not netflix). On a good stream her video would cut a few times and buffers before it continues. But the moment I pull up my smart phone and decide to watch a video on youtube at 360p her stream stops dead and buffers indefinitely until I put down my smartphone. That does not sound like a 10MBps download speed to me. So, I decided to do a speed test. Three different speed tests to be exact. And I am not convinced by the results I found. Please note: these tests were done while my wife was watching her TV. Speedtest.net gives me a perfect speed rating of 9.69MBps download speed. testmy.com gives me 8.9MBps download speed. And when I ran Netflix's Fast.com it jumped from an initial 8.3 MBps before it dropped down to the much more believable 1.5MBps download speed which I believe is what I'm really getting here. I've attached screenshots from each test. So, can anyone explain to me what's happening here? I've put forward a request for a faster internet speed, something closer to 30MBps but I'm not sure if that's going to solve the problem.
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